Tandem Streamers – Donald A. Wilson

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Tandem Streamers – The Essential Guide ( Tying – Designing – Fishing – History)

Streamers are incredibly effective on salmon and trout, but when trolling for these fish nothing beats a tandem streamer. A long-time Northeast favorite, the history of tandem—or double-hook—streamers is fascinating. Don Wilson has written the first book on the subject, and it is extensive: dressing tandems; trolling techniques; important people in their development and use; and hundreds of streamer patterns. With hundreds of fly plates and historical photos, Tandem Streamers is as visually intriguing as it is informative. If you like trolling for salmon and trout, you gotta try Tandem Streamers!

8 1/2 x 11 Inches, 176 Pages, All-Color

Published July 2011

About the author:

Don Wilson has been fly fishing and collecting streamer patterns for more than forty years. He spent his early years fishing, guiding and operating sporting camps on Moosehead Lake in Maine. In addition to fishing many of the waters in Maine and New Hampshire, Don has fished in many of the western states for a variety of salmon and trout species, and makes several trips a season to Canada in pursuit of Atlantic salmon.

Don has written articles on fly fishing most of his life, and has published several books on the subject, including Smelt Fly Patterns, published by Frank Amato Publications in 1996. He is also the designer of more than a dozen Hatch Charts for regions of the northeast. He currently lives in New Hampshire, within striking distance of some of his favorite waters.


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