Tactical Nymph Leader – 30ft

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With an innovative, new knotless design purpose-built to majorly reduce the effects of line sag on a rod, our Tactical Nymph Leader boasts a 30′ length and suits itself to both close-in nymphing and long-range applications. Over obsessive? Quite possibly, but keeping the bulk of your leader outside the rod tip at distance means your rod remains as sensitive as possible and helps you better maintain every drift. The upper section of leader begins in bright orange with a slim perfection loop for easy line attachment, then transitions to an easy-to-track opaque color. At the sighter, we’ve placed an 8-inch triple color change of orange-chartreuse-white that allows you to micro-manage subtle changes to line angle and depth while verifying normally undetectable eats. After the sighter, the leader returns to an opaque shade. Each leader terminates at a built-in 2mm tippet ring, pre-tied and ready for fluorocarbon. A beefy 8.75-lb break strength provides more than enough security when it’s time to put the heat on all but the largest fish.

  • Reduces line sag and maintains rod sensitivity from the innovative 30′ length
  • Attaches quickly with a pre-tied perfection loop in upper end
  • Bright orange butt section
  • Highly trackable opaque monofilament
  • High-vis, triple-sighters, spaced 8″ apart
  • Ready to fish, terminating in a 2mm pre-tied tippet ring
  • 8.75-lb break strength


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