SSR Disc Spey Fly Reel

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The Swing, Step, Repeat (SSR) Disc Reel is designed to match both the two-handed rods of varying length and line weights, and the methodical, slowed-down pace of today’s two-handed anglers. Available in three standard sizes that let anglers fine tune their setup’s balance, each reel begins its life as a solid chunk of bar-stock aluminum which is then machined to tight tolerances. Critical to the SSR’s design is the reel’s unique porting. Not only do these ports allow backing and running lines to dry after rain-soaked river sessions, they drain a dunked reel quickly to help eliminate the dreaded ‘ice donut.’ That feature alone often goes unnoticed, until temps drop deep and everyone else’s reels are freezing up. Everything about these reels scream stopping power, with a Hydros®-proven sealed disc drag that protects lighter trout spey-sized tippets on the lower settings, yet can be dialed up to stun mode when a large specimen finds the heavy water. The easy-to-access drag knob even features a tactile outdent so you can feel the drag position without taking your eyes off the fish’s alleged location. A radiused, rounded reel foot allows you to bend a leader around its smooth edges without kinking leaders. 

• Machined from solid bar-stock aluminum
• Features unique porting to dry backing and running lines, and prevent reel freeze up in cold temps
• Hydros-proven sealed disc drag to protects lighter trout spey-sized tippets, yet can be dialed up to stun mode
• Easy-to-access drag knob features a tactile setting outdent
• Kink-free, rounded reel foot protects leaders around it’s smooth edges without kinking leaders

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