Powerflex Wire Bite Kit – 2 pack

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Fast-rigging, easy setup kit to add wire bite tippet onto any monfilament leader

  • Sturdy swivel for tie-off point in adding wire to an existing leader.
  • Wire Bite
  • Twist Clip for quick and easy fly changes
  • 15” – 40lb

RIO’s Powerflex Wire Bite Kit is the perfect solution for quick and easy rigging to prevent bite-offs by toothy fish. A sturdy swivel at one end makes for a convenient tie-off point for adding wire to an existing leader. On the other end, a RIO Twist Clip makes changing out flies lightning fast. This convenient accessory will keep you ready and prepared for pike, musky, cudas, or any other fish with a mouth full of sharp teeth that you might encounter on the water. 15” in length and 40lb in strength


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