N°12 Knife – Explore Tick Remover – Orange

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This version of the N°12 Explore comes with a tick remover in the knife handle, so you can get rid of ticks safely and effectively.

This new model has all the features of the N°12 Explore:
• An efficient, short and sturdy stainless steel blade
• A fibreglass-reinforced polymer handle: hardwearing and comfortable
• A whistle that can sound at 110dB, to signal or call for help
• An easy-to-clean cutting hook for game
• A tick remover: an effective and safe tool for removing ticks from animals and humans, important for preventing Lyme disease.

It allows you to get hold of the tick without squashing it, and remove it completely with a rotating movement.

The tick remover has two differently sized slots, so you can deal with smaller or larger ticks.
Suitable for both human and animal use, this plastic tick remover is very easy to keep clean.

It would be a perfect present for anyone who likes outdoor adventures or hunting.


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