Jig Force 5045 – 50°/2XH

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The Fulling Mill Jig Force Barbless hook has become one of the most popular river hooks on the market. Designed with a 50 degree downward facing eye, it allows your fly to ride ‘hook point up’ causing fewer snags and allowing your flies to trundle uninterrupted along the river bed. To get the best use out of this jig hook, pair them with our slotted tungsten beads.

This truly is the ultimate river hook for French and European Nymphing.

With the current trend in fly fishing being euro nymphing methods, we designed the FM5045 Jig Force Hook with the competitive angler in mind. Not only has this hook been popular in the competition scene, but the everyday angler is also quickly finding this hook to be a solid investment when it comes to tying their favorite techy jig nymphs or just standard fare such as hare’s ears and pheasant tails.

Jigs, when weighted with slotted tungsten beads, jigs naturally ride hook point up making them less prone to snagging the bottom which is a huge plus when you’re ticking the river bed…

The smaller sizes 14-18 do an exceptional job with hooking, playing and landing your standard run of the mill fish and even bigger, unexpected fish that you may encounter. The bigger sizes are great for balanced patterns, wounded fish fry, and super heavy caddis patterns that are famous in the U.K. A must-have hook for your nymph box.

• 50 Degree eye
• Barbeless
• 2 X Heavy
• Claw Point
• Pack of 50

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