Gt N.y.a.p. Popper

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Not Your Average Popper. Designed by Fulling Mill consultant James Christmas who has been a guide on Alphonse Island in the Seychelles. The NYAP is a must have in your fly box. This simple foam pattern has accounted for some whopping GT’s, the world over. Made by affixing some basic foam onto a World Class hook, in this case it’s the Gamakatsu SL12, you can be sure to rely on it. Whatever you do, don’t buy a cheap alternative unless you want to lose the fish of a lifetime. Top tip from our friends at Fin Chaser Magazine, is to take a handful of these, as one hit from a GT will often destroy the foam body leaving you needing a few in reserve.

Designed for targeting GTs in the Seychelles , this fly is big and pushes a lot of water.


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