Euro Nymph Leader 11ft – 0X/2X

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RIO’S Euro Nymph Leader is a uniquely designed tapered leader, and ideal for European nymphing techniques. The leader starts with 9′ of a milky-white tapered nylon for visibility, which is then attached to 22″ of RIO’s 2X, two-tone Indicator Tippet material, for maximum visibility in all light conditions, and to make subtle strike detection easier. The leader ends with a tippet ring, allowing anglers to attach their own tippet to match the water type and conditions.

A uniquely designed, tapered leader – perfect for European nymphing methods.

  • Opaque white leader for visibility
  • High-vis two-tone indicator tippet for maximum strike detection
  • Trout sized tippet ring for fast rigging


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