Arc Endless XL/XXL Sunglasses Landyard – Black

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Croakies most technically advanced line of sport retainers, delivering a versatile fit thanks to an articulating, coated stainless steel adjustable length cable. Along with replacement, interchangeable ends that accommodate various eyewear temple sizes, the ARC Endless also features Croakies’ Endless Length Adjustment technology, for an optimized, snug fit during performance activities. Pair with the Float Kit (sold separately) and you’re set for the local SUP race or trip down the river knowing your shades are safe from meeting a watery grave.

• XL ends fit 6-10mm
• XXL ends fit 11-17mm
• Easy Snap Off & On
• Cable retainer: Coated steel cable, Durable, Comfortable, Lightweight and Waterproof
• Adjustable, Coated Stainless Steel Cable
• Proudly Made in Bozeman, MT with Domestic and Imported Materials
• Float Kit Compatible
• 16″ Size Extends to 16″ and Shortens to 10″


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