Modern Spey Fishing – Rick Kustich

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***DISPONIBLE UNIQUEMENT EN ANGLAIS *** Modern Spey Fishing : A Complete Guide to Tactics and Techniques for Single- And Two-Handed Approaches

New approaches and uses for Spey techniques, including applications for fish species other than salmon and steelhead. Also covers developments in rods and lines as well as micro Spey or micro Skagit gear and techniques, which is becoming extremely popular with anglers across the country. Includes technique photos as well as fly patterns. Modern Spey Fishing is a complete guide to contemporary Spey casting and fishing techniques made possible through current advancements in equipment and line designs. The book looks at much more than the traditional approaches for salmon and steelhead, exploring a wider scope of species including inland trout, smallmouth bass, and even saltwater game fish. It thoroughly covers in understandable terms today’s Spey lines and heads while diving in deep to discuss various presentation techniques for both two-handed and single-handed approaches. Modern Spey Fishing provides the basis for enjoying all that Spey has to offer while addressing the current developments in the sport.

By Rick Kustich


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