Fly Fishing Guide To New York State – Mike Valla

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*** DISPONIBLE UNIQUEMENT EN ANGLAIS*** With more than 7,600 freshwater lakes, ponds, and reservoirs and some 70,000 miles of rivers and streams, New York state is a fly-fishing paradise. From steelhead and brown trout in the Lake Ontario tributaries to remote brook trout ponds in the Adirondacks to legendary Catskills streams the state offers some of the best fly fishing in the country. In this comprehensive guide to the state’s best freshwater fly fishing, Mike Valla, along with many regional experts, shares the best locations, tactics, and seasonal strategies for success.

· Information on major insect hatches
· Essential fly patterns
· Best places to fish for trout, steelhead, smallmouth, landlocked salmon, and other species
· Seasonal strategies and detailed information on access


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