Feeding Time – Jason Randall

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Feeding Time : Guide To What, Where & When Trout Eat

*** DISPONIBLE UNIQUEMENT EN ANGLAIS*** To catch trout, you’ve got to understand their diet and feeding patterns. Author Jason Randall simplifies complex questions like what are they eating and when by turning to the science behind animal feeding behavior.

Feeding time covers how trout feeding behavior changes throughout their lives, from alevin, through juvenile, to mature fish. You’ll learn about what trout eat — plankton, aquatic insects and terrestrials, crustaceans, mammals, leeches, eggs, even other fish — and where each of these food types are likely to be in the stream environment.

Randall’s hints on how to catch larger fish hinge on an in-depth discussion of what larger fish feed on. Explaination of the food chain, the changing feeding patterns of trout as they grow, and the different types and amounts of food available in different water types will help you target larger trout.

Randall describes how your fishing strategy determines which stage of trout you are likely to catch, either those feeding on drifting organisms or those preying on small fish. He helps target your fishing strategy to the type of fish you want to catch — fewer, larger trout, or the most prevalent, smaller and younger trout.

You’ll gain insight into fishing terrestrials, fishing an insect emergence as well as before and after the hatch, and days when there is no hatch at all. This book will change your understanding of the fish and how to target them.


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